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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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and it was expanded districtwide, and then it went to fresno, compton, and oakland. he was an english lerner himself, so he taught the class , and he had so much success it went through that metamorphosis, so they saw the scores were declining after two straight math scores, they decided to use to try this program. and so it's a program that teaches teachers to use a uniform approach to math instruction and good teaching practices. the teachers wanted help with teaching math, because many elementary teachers are good at english language arts and a lot of them shy away from the math so what this program does is it teaches them how to teach in a uniform way so that if
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something is taught in one class it's taught the same way vertically and laterally so that the children are seeing the same type of instruction every time they see it taught. i went and looked at it and as a former master teacher with a bachelor's in mathematics, i was overwhelmed with how well it was done, how well it was received by the students. and after a half year of using it they went up 7.5% proficient in mathematics, another 20 students were proficient. so because of all of that research and the success of the program there, my other schools decided, some of my other schools decided they wanted to use it. we're fortunate enough that carver and revere have the same grant. i'm glad that they do. other schools don't have it.
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but brett hart also wanted to do it and so we got -- we worked with them to get that in the new schools. to give a presentation on it, that's about all i could say about it. so i just wanted to talk more about it, but the thing to do is go see it in action and you'll see how it involves the kids and it gives the teachers strategies, it involves the kids in their own learning, teaches higher order thinking skills and concentrates on math. so it's a total program that encompasses everything that a child would need to improve in math. >> thank you. you said you went to go look at it. >> i did. at revere. >> you can tell me the other districts? after long beach it went to fresno. >> compton, garden grove, lennox and oakland.
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vice president yee: commissioner norton. commissioner norton: i just wanted to add that actually i'm bringing this to curriculum for the september meeting, that we're going to be talking about math instruction in the district and the curriculum we're using. so i just talked to mrs. desmond about it. i'm sure she'll get back to you about it. but people that want to hear more about this, we can do that in september. i appreciate that. commissioner fewer: i have one question. is it the very descriptive program because we've had that before with temporary results and were not able to sustain that. >> it is not really scripted, it is the approach. it teaches teachers how to teach. so that if the teachers are teaching the formula, there's some consistency in the way it's taught. there's still creative license to do some things but there's consistency so that all of the points that need to be touched so that the child has a
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complete understanding of it are used. >> just so the board -- i'm glad they're going to do a presentation on math because you're probably going to see quite a few different proposals coming in on math. because as you know that's an area that we need to really improve on. and what we're doing for the most part is not working. so what we're doing is last year we sent out teams to research programs that do work and we've identified some programs that are taught and they're not a textbook program. they're used -- using what they already have. it's just how we teach it. it's not about, you know, a script and those types of issues, it's actually making learning relevant and fun for kids. so that they can lurn faster. that's what these programs do.
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vice president yee: maybe i'm just requesting it, every so often i hear about the new programs and old programs and whether it's in mathematics or in language arts. it would be really helpful for me who just can't remember everything unless i see it on a piece of paper, the list of maybe the top five approaches that our schools are using so that i get a better idea. and if you can get a summary of each approach, how it's different. for the curriculum committee. and even the reading approach that we have. you know, again, different schools are using different approaches so it would be helpful for me to keep track of all the different things. anything else on this?
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ok. all three. roll call please. commissioner fewer: yes. commissioner maufas: yes. commissioner murase: aye. commissioner norton: yes. commissioner wynns: aye. vice president yee: aye. >> that's six ayes. vice president yee: thank you. i think that was it for that piece. ok, good. we are in q, first reading tonight. can i have a motion, a second? ok. this is for reconsideration of -- i'm sorry. what are you moving?
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[laughter] i'm trying to move it. >> commissioner fewer's resolution. vice president yee: ok. just going to -- commissioner fewer's resolution. reconsideration of resolution number 108-24-a-1, recommitment of the san francisco unified school district for student protection and progress from military recruitment. so it's been moved and seconded. this can be referred to the curriculum activity. >> marme, just for clarity we hasn't indicated, the board will need to vote, to take a vote and five members voted to reconsider the motion. so it can be done at this point or it can be done as the first action when it comes back at the second reading. vice president yee: i think we can do it right now. >> i'm going to move to reconsider the resolution. >> seconded. vice president yee: ok. roll call, please.
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commissioner fewer: yes. commissioner maufas: yes. commissioner murase: aye. commissioner norton: yes. commissioner wynns: aye. vice president yee: aye. that's six ayes. vice president yee: thank you. item s. board members' reports. any standing committees? organizational report is next. go ahead. >> thank you. i just wanted to report that i came back this weekend from the national school board association president's retreat where the presidents and presidents elect of all state associations were there. and we all had a lovely time. thank you very much. but also mainly i wanted to report on two things. we did have a one-day workshop
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provided by the interaction institute for social change. this was really good. and i think there may be some we want to talk to about the retreat and some of these things. i have the material here. we can go on the website. actually, if we could afford it, at some time we should bring this trainer out here not just for us but for -- he was fantastic. that's one thing. the second thing which is that we were able to have a -- by skype, actual interaction with dr. robert ballard who is the guy who found the titanic and has started this project called the jason project which is science education project. it's unbelievable. he was in thed ary attic having just discovered with his team this summer, with students and teachers onboard, this program is free. to, yeah, they have discovered 11 shipwrecks in the black sea and in the adriatic and we
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should have this program in our schools and we really need to get on that. so that was a wonderful opportunity and thanks aspca. the last thingsy wanted to acknowledge that our parliamentarian celebrated her 92nd birthday on august 15. [applause] send our demrations -- congratulations. ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear ms. wilson happy birthday to you and many more ♪ [applause] >> brains of the operation, if i might add. vice president yee: commissioner maufas was real brave. she left her microphone on to
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be word recorded. any other reports? commissioner murase: i just want to announce that the green school yard conference is happening here in san francisco , september 16 to 18 and many of our schools will be featured as part of that conference. last week vice president yee and i were at the benefit and there was a really lovely performance by school children and it makes us very proud of our school children who are engaged in that project. and i also received materials about parent-teacher home visit project that i'd like to explore with staff in terms of how we can make use of that which is considered a best practice. that concludes my report.
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commissioner norton: i just wanted to say that i have successfully made the transition to middle school parenthood and we have gotten through our first week and are well into our second, very successfully. commissioner fewer: i would like to mention that i forgot in the last meeting to mention that i was a guest speaker at a high school this summer, graduating our seniors and our summer school program. those seniors that only needed one or two classes to complete their high school graduate. i was among 130 graduates with their proud families and supporters. >> i just want to say thank you all. today is my -- or tonight is my last meeting as student delegate. and i just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful experience. i really did learn a lot about the school district but i still will be on the student advisory
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council so i will still know more information. vice president yee: good luck. [applause] and good luck for your -- during your senior year. i know good things are going to happen for you. ok. anybody else? ok. ok. report -- oh, by the way. i just want to mention that we've gone to visit a bunch of schools already at the start of the school year. so at least from my perspective, all the ones i've gone to seem to be having -- starting the school year very well off this year. which is good. ok. report of closed session actions. item none tonight.
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other informational items posted on the agenda is the informational notice of classified personnel transactions. ok. so for adjournment tonight we will be having adjournment in memory of two special people. one of them will be ruth, parent and community activist. passed away on august 16, 2011. at the age of 76. ruth's life was primarily dedicated to her children and family, assuring that they took advantage of educational opportunities. her involvement in her children's education beginning with her home family daycare and then into the san francisco public schools is legendary as her efforts on behalf of many other children's education culminated in a proclamation of
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ruth matlof day in san francisco by the mayor for her over 21 years as a full time school volunteer. she is portrayed as an intermurel along with other san francisco afro american leaders with the designation mother of all. at the ella l. hutch community center. i can't read it. and the second person is catherine ann king, retired district administrator who passed away on august 9, 2011, native of san francisco. kathy was a proud graduate of the university of california and had a life-long love of history. she was the professional social worker, gifted educator, loving and loved wife of 54 years and outstanding mother. she created a highly successful
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summer camp program for the campfire girls agency in the sierra and began a second career as a teacher for the unified school district. children competed to be in her classes. in the teacher's strike of 1979 kathy served on the executive board and strike committee. subsequently for the san francisco unified school district and a.f.t. she created the nationally recognized teachers training center that led to her meeting president clinton. she opened and developed the san francisco unified school district claire lynn public elementary school. parents avoid to get their children into her school. she oversaw its creation and development and to its k-8 current configuration just before her retirement. the parent bodies and teachers cherished her leadership at the school, often developing deep,
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lasting friendships. and an untiring world traveler, kathy most of all loved france, its culture and people and -- i can't speak french. particularly where she also developed a long-landing -- lasting personal relationship. kathleen, a most public figure in life, in death did not wish for a traditional service but the family thought it fitting that in her memory, gifts to a favorite charity be made. she worked with many nonprofit agencies in her various careers and knew they were always desperate for money to accomplish social goals. she will be sorely missed by the family and friends. the board of education and superintendent of schools expressed sincere condolences for the families and
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commissioner wynns would like to make a comment. commissioner wynns: thank you. i'd just like to say that i knew both ruth and kathy really well and i want to express my personal condolences to their families. but to remember kathy king as -- she was a unique in the school district because she had been a very strong leader of the teacher's union and also was a leader of the administrator's union and was of course here when we had the merger of the two unions, but she had been very active leader and on the executive board of the san francisco federation of teachers and actually was active nationally. it is an extraordinary, you know, it really is her legacy. and we should remember her for that. i personally will miss her and ruth too. thank you.
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vice president yee: thank you. meeting adjourned.
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